Horai Chart

Use of Subha Horai. It is a second divisional chart of Shodashvarga. It affects directly to the houses of an individual’s birth chart. An astrologer must see Hora chart while analysing the favorable points. The activities commenced during the Hora, ruled by the lord of related house in birth chart, will provide the good results.

14-07-2019  · Horai Timings Today in Tamil. Horai (ஓரை) meaning period or time. Every Horai is ruled by Planets and Every Planet is responsible for particular action. Seven planets has Horai Timing. Rahu and Kethu does not have Horai Timing. Every Day is Ruled by a Planet. Every month is ruled by a Planet. Every Year is ruled by a Planet

Every hour in a day has a positive and negative effect based on the planet which rules that time. Before fixing a shubha muhurtham/auspicious time, the horai for the day is taken into account.

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ஓரை அறிந்து செயல்பட்டால் உங்களை யாரும் ஜெயிக்க முடியாது | Horai in Tamil14-03-2014  · Horai Calculator, find out today Horai Timings or Auspicious Timing. Horai means time, Each day consists of 24 Horai and governed by a Planetary Lord.

Horai calculator What is Horai? Horai are independent time slots of approximately one hour duration, that occur throughout the day, where one planet is rules per hourly slot. The day starts at the moment of sunrise and ends just before sunrise the next day. The daily starting horai will be the horai of the planet ruling that day. So, if it is.